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About On Target Maintenance Franchising


On Target Maintenance began as a small janitorial company in 1990 by Eric Lawton in Haverstraw, New York.  Michael Pappas joined in 1998 to help build the business, which quickly grew into a regional cleaning company.  By 2003,  what had started out as small cleaning concern had grown into substantial business with many multi-unit customers having both regional and national locations. On Target Maintenance became  a cleaning and maintenance management company with a wide variety of  services including building maintenance and commercial carpet cleaning.


About Our Company

On Target Maintenance Inc.

On Target Maintenance is headquartered in Haverstraw New York, about 20 miles outside of Manhattan. We are a privately held twenty-year old firm that has experienced steady growth since inception. On Target Maintenance provides a wide range of facility management services to help support our clients including; all janitorial services, preventative mechanical and HVAC systems maintenance, lighting maintenance and light construction.

We provide daily services on a nationwide basis with a specific focus on customer satisfaction with 24/7 performance and accountability. Our experience includes a broad range of large and small retail, supermarkets, hospitality, and commercial real estate clients with an exceptionally high rate of customer retention.

Our goal is to improve your facility maintenance operations by simplifying the process, improving communications and reducing the strain of running your support services, freeing you to concentrate on the performance and profitability of your core business.

Providing superior support services is our core business. To that end, we will use our expertise with web based management, electronic ordering and invoice systems, “Green” cleaning initiatives, LEED compliance and energy efficient lighting programs. All to help save you time, money and effort without compromise while improving the efficiency of your organization.

Our Goal – Improve Efficiency & Lower Operating Costs

It is our goal to improve the efficiency of our client’s business processes, improve quality and lower total facilities management operating costs. We strive to achieve this through a combination of improved communications and information exchange via our Web-based portal, innovative operating expense reduction programs such as our LED lighting program, improved asset management programs and increased customer responsiveness.

We build collaborative partner relationships with our customers by continually improving our processes to best fit their needs, bringing new ideas and concepts from the napkin to reality and being a leader in the industry always with an eye on delivering more total value to our customers. We look forward to working with our clients who share the same vision and can implement bold new ideas that have long term benefits for their Company.

The On Target Maintenance Difference – Innovation

The maintenance of the varied services in any facility represents a significant overhead. It is essential therefore, that the facility and the equipment that is installed is maintained cost effectively, without compromising the ability of the building to function. On Target Maintenance demonstrates considerable experience in the effective management of specialty contractors for various vertical markets including retail, hospitality and commercial real estate.

Every site and the use of it in whole or part, is unique. Typically however, there are systems or services that are critical to the business function. On Target Maintenance works with our clients to identify these and to develop a cost effective maintenance regime, to ensure that these are not only reliable but lowers the total cost of ownership. We strive to be a one-stop solution to ensure that all facilities and installed systems are maintained, reliably, safely and that costs are carefully controlled.

Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org

Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org