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Can we count on you?

We’re looking for commercial cleaning and maintenance companies to join our network. If you can meet our standards — services delivered on time, on budget and always to (or beyond) clients’ specs — we’d like to talk to you.

Got what it takes? Drop us a line.

4 things that make working for us different:

  1. You report to us, not to the client. That means you can stay busier working for them — because you leave the business relationship management business to us.
  2. Click & Clean gathers your work progress information and posts it for clients to view online. For special needs or emergencies, they call us, and we call you.
  3. You get great prices on equipment and supplies. Our purchasing volume gives us an advantage. We pass the savings on to you so you can pass them on to the client. Low costs and fair profits: That makes everybody happy.
  4. We understand what you do. We collected years of “gloves-on” experience as a local cleaning company before we grew to become the nationwide, self-performing cleaning and maintenance management company we are today. That’s why, when it comes to what a client needs, we know exactly what it takes for you to deliver.