Restaurant Cleaning Franchise

If you’re interested in opening a restaurant cleaning franchise, On-Target Maintenance can help you get started!  By outsourcing restaurant cleaning, restaurant owners are able to simplify processes, minimize cost and focus on what they do best – and you can be a valuable asset to their business model.   At On-Target Maintenance, we can assist you in setting up a restaurant cleaning franchise, from helping you market yourself to restaurants in your area to providing you with detailed instructions on the proper way to conduct restaurant cleaning services.

In the restaurant business, cleanliness can be everything.  From health codes to customer experience, restaurant owners want their facilities to look as wonderful as their food tastes.  That’s why with an On-Target restaurant cleaning franchise, we specialize in breaking down restaurant cleaning to the basic components:  floor care, inside cleaning, outside cleaning and maintenance.

You’ll learn the appropriate way to deal with a variety of floor types, including vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring, concrete and ceramic flooring.  On carpet, you’ll be able to provide restaurants with both spot cleaning and deep cleaning services, and you’ll be able to treat wood flooring according to the specific manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. As a restaurant cleaning franchise owner, we’ll present you with the necessary checklist and cleaning instructions so you can provide restaurants with the care that fits their needs.

Cleanliness is extremely important in a restaurant, where it can make or break a restaurant’s reputation.  That’s why we make sure our restaurant cleaning franchises are prepared to offer full cleaning services, including degreasing and sanitizing services, so that your customers will be able to meet or beat all health code requirements. You’ll be able to provide clean and sanitary work environments not only in the restaurant, bar and lounge areas, but also in the bathrooms, kitchen and staff rooms.

An On-Target franchise is more than a restaurant cleaning service – we also prepare you to become a restaurant maintenance company, so that you can assist customers with HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs; refrigeration maintenance; glass replacement; and locksmith services.  You become a partner in their success