High Dusting


High dusting provides many challenges. On Target Maintenance provides the technicians trained in safety to clean the high areas of your facility safely and efficiently. We keep our standards high and your costs low.

  • Clean that annoying black dust on your HVAC vents
  • Clean the inside of your high intensity light fixtures
  • Remove the cobwebs in between your track lighting
  • Remove the dead bugs inside your fluorescent fixtures
  • Clean the lenses of your security cameras
  • Dust the top of gondolas, ceiling fans, hanging light fixtures and high window treatments.









When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, whether you are in anĀ  office, retail, restaurant, medical, hotel or supermarket building, all you need to do is remember one name, On target Maintenance. Whether its inside or out, routine or special project depend upon the one name to take care of it all… On Target Maintenance. So how about it, let us knock off a few dozen things off your to do list, because with On Target, its already done.