Outsource dependability.

Why manage a bevy of cleaning and maintenance contractors yourself? Call us; we’ll take care of everything. You get a single invoice, a single phone number, and a professional account manager that will follow up on your services and keep you up-to-date. All this and something you might not expect: a little peace of mind.


Trim your personnel responsibilities and control your labor costs. Outsource our skilled contract workers instead of FTEs to save money and headaches.

Maids & Day Porters. Our work crews take care of all the relatively little things that make such a big difference to your guests. We’ll change and refresh guest quarters, maintain lobbies and lounges, clean restrooms and clean up after breaks and spills — and do it right, to save you money.

Outside Cleaning.

Show guests what they’re in for with a sparkling first impression.

Windows. Shine for all to see. Keep windows spotless and streak free, inside and out.

Sidewalks. Include power washing in your routine care plan: Your sidewalks will never look neglected, and you’ll pay no more than you would for occasional big clean-ups.

Floor care.

Minimize the risks of slips and falls. Protect your good looks — and your investment in floor coverings. Whatever you need, we do. Cleaning and maintenance of high traffic hotel floor surfaces available seven days a week.

VCT. The popular choice for high traffic floors. We scrape up the stickers and gum, then sweep, edge-clean and bring out the shine with your choice of battery or propane-powered buffers.

Carpet. Keeps feet from slipping — but holds everything that feet track in. We deep clean it regularly with powerful, truck-mounted machines. If your hotel has extensive carpeting, we install the equipment right on site.

Concrete. For new construction, concrete is simple, smart and inexpensive — but not maintenance-free. Once we clean, seal and wax, however, we can tend its good looks just like VCT: sweep, scrub and buff  ‘til it gleams.

Ceramic. A distinctive look for cafés, foyers and other special areas. Just don’t let dirt-clutching grout — or messy attempts to clean it — spoil the charm. Our self-contained power washers rout stains and soil and keep grout clean.

Wood. Loads of style in a variety of beautiful finishes — and almost as many ways to clean and maintain. We always follow your manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance specs, so you get great results and your warrantees remain intact.

Marble & Terrazzo. High-class, high-gloss luxury that needs TLC. We’ll carefully restore, seal and polish it as needed. And to avoid future grinding and repolishing — that’s expensive — we’ll use state-of-the-art cleaning solutions and machines specially designed for both of these classic surfaces.

Special Use Facilities Cleaning.

Leave your employees free to work with guests instead of maintenance. We clean food and beverage prep areas, serving facilities and the off-stage places that guests never see. Plus, our goal is to meet or surpass your health code requirements.

Restaurants, Bars, Lounges. If it’s greasy or sticky, it hasn’t been properly cleaned. Our powerful cleaning tools eliminate residues and odors and thoroughly degrease and sanitize display cases, equipment, tables, counter tops, walls and floors. And as guests come and go in dining areas and lounges, we make sure their tables stay tidy.

Restrooms. When they really need attention, it’s too late. We stay ahead of the curve with daily regimens of vigorous cleaning — battling bacteria and keeping the area odor-free. We’ll restock your supplies, too.

Offices & Employee Areas. Complete care means we don’t forget the places guests don’t see. We clean and maintain administrative offices, break rooms, training labs and other behind-the-scenes areas that need to stay shipshape.

Storage Rooms. We maintain storage areas to the same high standards as everything else in your hotel. Count on us to scrub, seal and wax your concrete floors to minimize dust and make frequent cleanups easier.