Restaurant Kitchen Sanitation

Outsource dependability.

It’s a privilege to serve. As a restaurateur it is your privilege to serve people at the most intimate times of their day, including special occasions like holidays, anniversary’s, birthdays and engagements. Do you want to be concerned if your kitchen has been properly cleaned and sanitized and that other areas, including the restrooms are up to restaurant standards?


Call us; we’ll take care of everything. You get a single invoice, a single phone number, and a professional account manager that will follow up on your services and keep you up-to-date. All this and something you might not expect: a little peace of mind.


Restaurant Kitchen Sanitation

Are you neglecting the most important place in your restaurant, “THE KITCHEN”, where food is prepared for your patrons?

Can your kitchen staff after working 8 to 10 hours; properly clean, degrease, and sanitize your equipment? Can they pay special attention to the food contact points, under, behind, and on the sides of the appliances. As well as other areas where dry and refrigerated perishables are  stored. Oh, lets not forget the kitchen floors and drains.

If you were to swab test all those areas for ATP, (The protein in which most bacteria grow) what would your results be?

All you have to do is Google “Food Poisoning and lawyers” to see that food poisoning has become a growing industry for the lawyers in our country. They seek restitution for people who have suffered from food poisoning at the hands of less conscientious restauranteurs, due to improper temperature storage, preparation and unsanitary kitchen conditions.

Homeland Securities is now involved in the inspection process through the FDA. New requirements that are being imposed on the wholesale food preparation and distribution industry are on their way to your restaurant. Many municipalities have already started an alphabetic grading system to be displayed on the outside of your restaurant window, publicly announcing your commitment to cleanliness and sanitation.

With state of the art machinery, chemicals and good old fashion elbow grease, On Target Maintenance can be your commitment to cleanliness and sanitation.



The next most important place to everyone who eats in your restaurant… “is your restrooms”.

According to a national hand washing survey done by Global marketing & strategic development for Bradley Corporation, reveals an increasing majority of Americans (63 percent) say they’ve had a particularly unpleasant experience in a public restroom due to the condition of the facilities. Which is up from 51 percent in 2012.

How do your restrooms look and smell?

When they really need attention, it’s too late. We stay ahead of the curve with daily regimens of vigorous cleaning — battling bacteria and keeping the area odor-free. We’ll restock your supplies, too.


Outside Cleaning.

Show customers what they’re in for with a sparkling first impression.

Windows. Shine for all to see. Keep windows spotless and streak free, inside and out.

Sidewalks. Include power washing in your routine care plan: Your sidewalks will never look neglected, and you’ll pay no more than you would for occasional big clean-ups.