Retail Cleaning Franchise Service

Retail Cleaning Franchise Service


If you’re interested in opening a retail cleaning franchise, On-Target Maintenance can help you get started!  Retail stores often choose to outsource their regular cleaning, not only to reduce cost and headache but also to provide customers with the most positive experience possible.  At On-Target Maintenance, we provide you with the key to retail cleaning success. We give you the valuable tools you can use to market yourself to retail stores, as well as provide detailed instructions on the proper way to conduct retail cleaning services.

Store owners that care about their customers’ experiences know how important it is for them to be able to shop in a clean, pleasant facility – while still getting immediate attention from staff!  That’s why they often turn to a professional retail cleaning franchise for service, leaving retail workers able to focus on the customer.  At On-Target Maintenance, we break down retail cleaning to the basic components:  floor care, department cleaning, outside cleaning, mechanical maintenance and labor.

Many retail stores possess vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring.  As a retail cleaning franchise owner, we’ll present you with the necessary checklist and cleaning instructions so your employees can scrape up stickers and gum, sweep, edge-clean, and buff VCT floors.  Other retail stores may have carpets, which require regular deep cleaning using specialized machines in order to combat the high traffic.  You’ll also be able to provide cleaning services to retail stores with concrete, ceramic or wood flooring, following the recommended cleaning instructions for each material.

Cleanliness is extremely important in a retail setting, and as a retail franchise cleaning owner, you’ll discover that it’s as vital to clean the areas customers don’t see as those they do.  You’ll be able to provide cleaning services not only for the outer store, but also for restrooms, office and employee areas, storage rooms, and break areas.  For retail stores that also offer food services, you’ll be able to assist in degreasing and sanitizing areas.  Your goal is to help them meet or exceed health codes.

An On-Target franchise is more than a retail cleaning service – we also prepare you to become a retail maintenance franchise, so that you can assist customers with HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs; refrigeration maintenance; glass replacement; and locksmith services.  You become a partner in their success.

And we can also teach you how to provide even more to your clients, including supplying them with labor, inventory stockers and day porters!