Office Building Cleaning Franchise Service

Office Building Cleaning Franchise Service


If you’re interested in opening an office cleaning franchise, On-Target Maintenance can help you get started!  There are a vast number of office buildings and business in the United States, and many of them prefer the convenience and economy of outsourcing office cleaning.  At On-Target Maintenance, we provide you with the blueprints to running a successful office cleaning business by providing you with the tools you need to market yourself and a clear, consistent cleaning checklist.

As an office cleaning franchise owner, you can provide a vital service to local businesses by taking the hassle of cleaning off of their shoulders and freeing up valuable employee time. We specialize in breaking down office cleaning to the basic components:  floor care, department cleaning, outside cleaning, mechanical maintenance and labor.

We’ll provide you with a checklist and care instructions for a large variety of flooring types common to most office building, from deep-cleaning carpet to tile, VCT or wood flooring.  Your office cleaning business can help keep your clients’ facilities looking clean, polished and presentable.

You’ll be prepared to sanitize and stock restroom areas, as well as make sure employee break rooms are sanitary.  And you’ll be prepared to clean and maintain administrative rooms, training labs and storage rooms, minimizing dust, dirt and grease.

An On-Target franchise is more than an office cleaning business – we also prepare you to function as a building maintenance franchise, so that you can assist customers with HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs; glass replacement; and locksmith services.  Through preventative maintenance, you can help keep the offices of those you service running smoothly.