Medical Office Cleaning Franchise Service

Medical Office Cleaning Franchise Service


If you’re interested in opening a hospital cleaning franchise or medical office cleaning business, On-Target Maintenance can help you get started!  Many hospitals and medical offices choose to outsource their regular cleaning in order to simplify their processes and help minimize their costs.  At On-Target Maintenance, we provide you with the tools you need to succeed, including marketing materials and detailed instructions on the proper way to conduct medical office cleaning services.

In no place is it more important to be clean and sanitary than in a hospital or other medical facility.  And we make sure that you and your employees are trained and educated about those special needs, including working in an environment with bloodborne pathogens.  We specialize in breaking down medical office, clinic and hospital cleaning to the basic components:  floor care, department cleaning, outside cleaning, mechanical maintenance and labor.
Many medical facilities possess VCT floors.  As a hospital cleaning franchise owner, we’ll present you with the necessary checklist and cleaning instructions so your employees can scrape up stickers and gum, sweep, edge-clean, and buff VCT floors.  In medical offices with carpeted areas, you’ll be able to provide customers with deep-cleaning services.  And you’ll even be able to service areas with ceramic, concrete or wood flooring.

Cleanliness is crucial in a medical environment.  As part of a medical office cleaning business, you’ll be able to clean and sterilize exam rooms, helping to maintain patient confidence and safety.  You’ll be able to make sure that waiting rooms are clean and fresh and take care of the areas that patients don’t see, such as back offices and employee areas.   Your work should meet or exceed all health code requirements.

An On-Target franchise is more than a hospital cleaning service – we also prepare you to provide mechanical maintenance, so that you can assist customers with HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs; refrigeration maintenance;  glass replacement; and locksmith services.

And you’ll be able to provide clients with additional services, including cleaning restrooms and entrance ways and clean up after most non-biological spills and breaks.